Cats get a bad rap. People call us unloveable, mean, loners, annoying and for the most part dogs are preferred (which I can’t even begin to rap my mind around why).

So sometimes being a cat is hard. I get down, depressed, have thoughts of jumping off the stair rail or refusing to eat (that never lasts more than a few seconds). I mean, imagine never getting to change your outfit, rarely being able to chase the birds that fly by the windows, getting yelled at for drinking out of the toilettes and walking on the counters, or scolded for not catching the little creatures that make their way into the house (some days I’m just tired… give me a break).

All that to say, it can be tough to be a feline. But I have to say my fellow furry friends below have it worse than me…

1) This guy that forgot counters end


2) This poor dude that is forced to live with that jerk


3) I’m all for eating, but maybe this guy should stop


4) The little guy learning reflections can be terrifying (this has happened to the best of us kid)


5) Sometimes you just want to get into the next room, but then this happens (baby gates are for babies)


6) The cat that thought break dancing was a good idea… it’s not


7) Sometimes the bed is higher than you think, clearly he underestimated his trajectory


8) Well, this guy actually isn’t doing so bad… but he might be when that person gets up (one word friend, run)


9) This guy that just wanted some water… not a bath


10) And to the guy whose escape plan failed


But I guess if you have to endure some pain, at least you can get famous…

Like this guy… SAIL

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