t’s 7:15pm where I am, and I’ve written a total of 7,000 words today. I know that may sound like a lot, but I was hoping for more. When you escape real life to lock yourself in a hotel room with the soul purpose of typing till your fingers fall off you hope the muse shows up.

She did (dressed like a burlesques dancers, which would make sense if you could see the theme of this hotel I’m staying in) but she took several coffee breaks, and a very long lunch. I’m considering changing her rate to hourly because I’m just not sure I’m getting my moneys worth.

Where is she now you ask? Probably having drinks with the group of business professionals that have invade the hotel for a public speaking convention. They’re really loud and talkative… go figure. So I’m going to go try and find her, while avoiding direct eye contact with anyone that looks like they might want to talk to me, and maybe grab something to eat (she gets to eat, so should I).

More to come later…

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