Entry 102: Mr. Commando

Entry 102: Mr. Commando

Entry 102: Mr. Commando

So let me set the scene for you: I’m center stage, small and quiet, sitting in a single chair, my laptop perched on my knees, my eyes fixed on the screen. But I’m not writing, because I can’t hear myself think over the thundering voice of Mr. Commando behind me.

He looks exactly as you’d assume; navy camo pants, tight V-neck, t-shirt that is designed to be too small so his muscles inspire proper terror. His eyes are mean, filled with hate and disapproval.
His name: Doubt.

He stormed in here ten minutes ago, pushing my poor muse off the stage (she is currently curled in a whimpering ball on the floor clutching her shoulder, which can not be good), and started filling my head with terrifying questions.

What are you doing? You think you can make that jump? You’re pretty small and it’s pretty big, you actually think you would survive? Do you think you’re special? Powerful? A superhero? One after the other, falling from his mouth like grenades, and I’m desperately searching for the truth that I know is somewhere in my head, but in the moment I can’t remember any of it.

Thankfully I have Spotify. And a song comes on by Colton Dixon, called Limitless. And through the pounding voice of doubt I hear the lyrics: We are limitless, limitless, the power of love alive in us is limitless, limitless, unstoppable and nothing less, nothing can hold us down, cause we are limitless.

And suddenly I’m standing, a renewed sense of self, in a place of remembrance, a place that gives me the strength to turn around and clock Doubt with a wicked right hook, which knocks him with enough force to shut him up. Now he’s just staring at me in fear and then, of course, I stole his hat (because it’s really cool).

The moral of my morning tale is that Monday’s (actually all days) can come with doubt, fear that you can’t change the world, or accomplish that dream, or fly. But you can, because we really are limitless. Filled with the power of love. Filled with faith, given to us by the one greater than any doubt.

So while I go see to my muse (who claims her arm is broken, and that she’s dying, I mean really, you cannot die from a broken arm, but she insists I call her family so she can say her final goodbye… She is so dramatic) I challenge you to remember YOU ARE LIMITLESS.

With that, conquering this week ahead should be nothing! Rachelle out (if I had a microphone I’d drop it for dramatic effect… I think my muse is starting to rub off on me).

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