Entry 104: Punching Kangaroos

Entry 104: Punching Kangaroos

Entry 104: Punching Kangaroos

So, for those of you that are wondering, my Muse is back. Apparently she fancied herself a little time down under, and showed up Monday morning wearing a Bush hat, which looked ridiculous, crocodile boots that were fake, and playing a Didgeridoo, very badly.

She skipped back into my office as if she hadn’t left me to suffer for nearly a week, telling tales of how she wrangled wombats and learned to speak kangaroo. As if that would make me forgive her for leaving me alone, though I will say listening to her wail in what she believes is kangaroo is just plain hilarious.

I’m trying not to fall out of my chair laughing when she launches into the most outlandish story about a kangaroo named Alfred (yes that was his name) that challenged her to a boxing match. Well, Taekwondo actually. According to my Muse she studied it in Korea, while on a trip there to master Gangnam Style. Yes, the dance (please don’t ask her to show you).

Anyways, in the story of Muse vs. Alfred my Muse had no problem stating that the entire debacle could have been avoided if Alfred had just admitted that he’d cheated during their friendly game of rugby (if such a thing could exist). Apparently kangaroos are stubborn though. So are Muses, thankfully my Muse is practicing perfect love (and water walking, but that’s another story).

She tries to see everyone she comes across as a brother or sister, friend never foe even when they are threatening to knock her eyes back into her skull. That kind of love is powerful, and a different kind of Taekwondo. Spiritual Taekwondo. So, against all the screams of her ego to show that arrogant kangaroo who’s boss, she instead forgave Alfred, offered him peace and a cookie (that I think she stole, also another story) and an amazing thing happened…

He kicked her in the face. He didn’t really want her cookie. The point, she tells me as I’m clutching my sides that now ache from laughing, is that even though he wasn’t ready to accept her peace, she showed love in the face of anger. Sometimes people aren’t ready for the love you display, but eventually love and peace seem to work there way into the cracks of even the most stubborn kangaroos. Never stop loving your enemies she says. Never offer resistance, always offer the other cheek.

As her tale ended, her cell phone rang. It was Alfred; he’s planning a visit and wants to set up a time for a friendly round of golf. They have made amends. Spiritual Taekwondo works in mysterious ways. Now I have to go. My Muse wants me to try on the Bush hat she bought me so we can take a selfie. Awesome.

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