ReWrite – The Ragged Edge

ReWrite – The Ragged Edge

ReWrite – The Ragged Edge

A couple weekend’s ago Rachelle had the opportunity to speak at Re:Write, a writers conference in Austin TX. She got to share the stage with her father, and share her heart about the writing journey so far and all the fears she has heading into the next phase. The conference was filled with what Rachelle calls “her people”, the blue monkeys of the world that are constantly seeking truth (because that’s all a blue monkey is, a truth seeker). Writers, dreamers, creatives, and more, all gathered together to talk about art, faith, and everything that falls in between.

She came back floored and refreshed, sharing with us some amazing takeaways from the weekend:

I can’t even begin to express how much I loved this conference. It’s different than most because it really sets out to talk about the heart of writing and not just the practicality of the job. There was SO much great information shared but I think the three big takeaways for me tied together perfectly. 

Susan May Warren talked about why one writes a story, saying beautifully, “If you are writing for others than you’re missing the point.” 

James Rubart talked about getting out of the small story and into the big story. He talked about facing fear, stepping out of the shadows and making “the flip” into the unknown as you strive for your dreams. 

And Mary DeMuth challenged us all to remember we serve the Great I Am, not the great I was or the great I will be. Don’t have a limited view of the Father’s greatness! 

In all, I was reminded that I have power in my calling, there is no need for fear, and the journey I’m on is perfectly set for me to travel. Such great encouragement for anyone in life, not just writers, but people. All of us need to remember this from time to time.  

– Rachelle 

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