Ted and Rachelle – Exclusive Interview

Ted and Rachelle – Exclusive Interview

Enjoy an exclusive interview between Ted and Rachelle. Get behind the scenes as they explore writing, parenting, and everything in between.

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2016-11-05T15:12:33+00:00 News|11 Comments
  • Michael Stokes

    Great animated personality. I can’t wait to read what she puts on paper.

  • ron

    This is exciting!! Also, LOVE LOVE LOVE the inception soundtrack in the background!

  • Mary Lewis

    LOVE Ted Dekker books!!! Can’t wait to see what Rachelle has to offer this very large imagination of mine…and the rest of this world. Looking forward to reading what she puts on paper, or keyboard.

  • Brian Conway

    Both humble in a Dekker way. Both articulate. Both gentle sense of humor. Both have something wonderful to say. Both inspire. Thank You. Deditio. Doulos. In Him.

  • Hahaha I love it! You guys are awesome. Rachelle I will be here ready to take on your world of books to come. Loved this video, and your interaction with Ted, especially the final jokes… ya’ll are crazy and I love it! Blessings! @Rachelle will you be in Denver, CO for the SimplyJesus?

  • MountainDewdet

    LOVE the Inception music…and your cat 🙂 Thank you for sharing; Ted Dekker has been my favorite author since high school and I am excited to see his legacy growing exponentially. Grace and peace to you both!

  • “It’s not like Dekker lite, it’s actually Dekker advanced”. As parents we do see the best bits of ourselves magnified in our children sometimes. Well spoken. I look forward to seeing what comes from the mind and pen of Rachelle Dekker. How exciting this is!

  • kcreviews

    I remember praying for Rachelle when she was younger…boy that was a long time ago…tells you I was a Dekkie from the beginning. 🙂 I still have Circle friends now across America that I “met” on his boards 11 or 12 years ago. 0.0

  • Katy Louise Washburn

    “You’re basically screwed from the start.” Oh boy! I laughed way too hard at that.

  • Anne Hoffman

    So thankful that Rachelle is stepping into her rightful legacy! Blessings to you both and hope to see you together on tour soon!

  • Seth Wagner

    Hey, i am 13 and love his books. I cant wait to see his daughter grow up to become like him (although she wont be able to write a book better than him challenge)