Beauty in the Imperfections – by Mickaela Casper

Beauty in the Imperfections – by Mickaela Casper

Beauty in the Imperfections – by Mickaela Casper

When I was asked to write on this topic, my first thought was that it was going to be super easy. I was excited about the opportunity to guest post and get my name out there. I didn’t realize how deep I’d have to delve within myself in order to get these words out.


Something we (especially women) seem to always be talking about. We we want to be beautiful, but we can’t seem to achieve it. Everywhere we look we’re being told what will make us more beautiful. A hair product, a cosmetic product, a line of clothing, a certain behavior or way of thinking. There’s this obsession with perfection.

Society has blinded us to the beauty in imperfection.

Perfection is, firstly, impossible. We humans are far too complex to fit into the format that is perfection. We are all so different, and perfection is so very specific that it would take so much conforming to really be able to fit into it, and by conforming—we’re not being fully us.

You see, true beauty, is about being wholly you.

Changing yourself, whether appearance or personality, to adapt to an ever-changing illustration of a single attribute is ridiculous, and hardly worth the effort.

We need to learn to see people for their stories. Instead of seeing our faults as something ugly and shameful, try thinking about how they are shaping us.

Something that can be especially difficult to remember is that every struggle we face is a learning process. It might seem like it would be easier to wipe away every flaw and imperfection in ourselves—but what morals would you lose in that process? What opinions, expertise, or understanding would you be depriving the world of?

I think sometimes our greatest passions are fueled by our imperfections in some way. We all have stories to tell, messages for the world ingrained in us from our adventures in life. We have to live through difficult things in order to tell great stories.
Henceforth, I urge you to look at others—in addition to yourself, with fresh eyes. Try imagining what great things might come from one’s imperfections. I guarantee if you think like that, it will be a lot easier to recognize true beauty.

Mickaela Casper

Mickaela is a budding young writer with big dreams and a lovingly stubborn heart. Her work has appeared in several online blogs and sites, including Medium and now, this one. Now that she is considered and “adult” she is taking her self taught love of words to study English in college. She continues to chase her passions with her fiance whom she loves dearly.

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