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I am Blair. The fiercest cat in all of the land!

10 Cats That Are Having a Worse Day Than Me (Blair Cat)

2016-11-05T15:12:33+00:00 Blogging With Blair|

Cats get a bad rap. People call us unloveable, mean, loners, annoying and for the most part dogs are preferred (which I can't even begin to rap my mind around why). So sometimes being a cat is hard. I get down, depressed, have thoughts of jumping off the stair rail or refusing to eat (that never lasts [...]

What Rachelle is really doing when she’s “Writing” (Blair Cat)

2016-11-05T15:12:33+00:00 Blogging With Blair|

Today on Blogging with Blair I'm supposed to talk about Rachelle and her writing career. I do, after all, spend the most time with her (against my will, it's no secret I prefer Daniel) so I should have the most insight. And I do, so I will share with you because the world should know. When she [...]