When you place your Worth in someone else, you give them the right to make you feel Worthless.

- Rachelle Dekker

Welcome to becauseiamLOVE. A place where we talk about identity and beauty differently, because we believe that the world has forgotten where true value comes from.

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Share Your Story

Our stories are all connected, and we want to hear yours. We will read through every story we receive and share a couple through our blog every month. Because stories help us grow, they show us something new, and they shine light into the darkness.

Share with the world your story of hope and truth. True identity, true beauty, true you. We learn from each other, are inspired by each other, and need each other’s life experience to better understand our own. So don’t hold back.  Your story is worth telling, because you are LOVE.

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Our Vision and Hope

I want you to think for a moment… What is something that you believe about yourself that you know isn’t true? A lie that always creeps back in and affects how you’re being, how you’re living.

Now, what if you could erase that lie? Forever.

How would you be? What would you do? How might this impact the people around you?

The truth is, of course, that you can erase that lie – in fact, the lie isn’t real. Perhaps we cling to it because it gives us identity, or it’s become a familiar companion not unlike the painful pressure point we can’t help but press. Maybe you’ve forgotten, because we all forget and all certainly will again – but this space is for remembering.

Remembering that you are Love, not just filled with Love, or lost in Love, or Loved by another… You Are Love. You’re also Beauty, and you are Joy, and you are Compassion, and you are Light. We are the Light of the World.

My great hope is that, even if for brief moments, this space can be a haven for remembering and being your true self. A place for sharing your heart, for finding encouragement, and for reading the familiar struggles of others and finding your Light in their victories – because their victories are Our Victories.

You are not alone my Love – in fact, you never have been. Lay down your burden, let the scales slip from your eyes, let your skin tingle in the warm breeze, and smile because you Are Love.

– Rachelle Dekker

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