Blue Monkeys | Welcome to the Jungle

What makes a monkey blue, while others are content to be the normal color brown? I believe it is an unquenchable desire to seek truth, to see past the veil of normality and find the magic in the world. We ask the questions nobody really wants to say out loud, we don’t run from the dark or hide under the covers (and when we do it’s never for long because the need to seek out the monsters is stronger than our fear), and we can’t help but notice that the world isn’t always as it appears. We believe in impossibilities and strive to change the world around us. We know there is more to life than what we can merely see, and know we were created to find the crack in our day-to-day lives that allows us to peel back the layer of brown, and see the other side. The blue side!
You don’t become a blue monkey; you just realize that you already are! We come in all shapes and sizes, meaning some blue monkeys dive into truth through art, some through science and technology, others through business, while some may be fascinated by them all . Some monkeys prefer to be alone, while others hunt in packs. The only right way to be a blue monkey is to be you. Find strength and pride in seeing the world differently. Don’t hide your blue colors, don’t run from the nagging voice that says things aren’t always as they appear, and don’t conform to the brown way of the world if blue is what you are. Join us here, where being blue is celebrated, where being you is the only way to be. 
It isn’t about the color; you can be any shade of monkey you want. Be a pink monkey, or a red monkey, or a green monkey. The color is just a statement that proclaims you are not going to let the world diminish your true nature. We are not going to stop asking the hard questions and searching for answers in the dark. In fact, whatever color you choose, wear it brightly and with pride for the world would be brownly stale without you. 
The jungle is about community. It’s designed to bring different blue monkey’s together in a safe, encouraging space where we can share with one another the truths we’re uncovering and the projects we’re working on. It’s a place to connect with others that see the world like you do, or at least know there’s more to see than normal. I hope the jungle can be a place where you come and know that you really are never alone. We are all the same here, at our cores, we are all blue.